My Professional Travel Advice

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my travel services. I want to take a moment to explain the process and benefits of working with me to plan your next vacation. Working with me you will receive the benefit of my extensive knowledge, service, and expertise as a travel professional. I will be there for you throughout the entire trip planning stages; from the research and planning, to when you get back home. 

In terms of what I can offer that you cannot find online - expertise, service, value, knowledge, my relationships with the best travel suppliers in the industry, and of course, a human connection.  The internet is for looking, not for booking; why would you trust your hard-earned money to an impersonal website?

Knowledge: Working with me gives you access to all my knowledge in the travel industry; I have planned hundreds of trips a year and it has left me with a wealth of knowledge. I love learning and constantly stay up to date through my suppliers, news, colleagues and personal travel experience. I can help you discover hidden gems and off-the-beaten-track places, experience a local cooking class, shopping an iconic avenue, nightlife on the beach or a romantic getaway and more.

Time Saver: Research is easily the most time consuming and stressful part of vacation planning. With so many options how do you know who’s reputable or fits your needs? The average person spends 28 hours researching their next holiday. If that sounds like time you want to save or don’t have, then I’m definitely the choice for you. It can get overwhelming with all of the offers, sales, tour companies, independent options and the infinite number of accommodations available. I can help filter out the noise and show you the options that suit you.

Personal: Working with me is working with someone who cares. Travel isn’t one size fits all and I will work to help you find strive your dream vacation. And when you’re working with me, you’re working with just me, not a website, or a huge corporation. I own and operate my own business and when you call or reach out, there is no hold time going to a call centre, just my direct line. I'll customize your vacation so that it suits your travel style and budget every time you travel!

Free Consultation

Prior to planning your trip, we will have an opportunity to have a free, 30-minute consultation via phone call or Zoom. During this consultation, we will have an open discussion that will allow me to get to know you and assess your travel wants & needs. This could include what trips stood out for you in the past, what your vacation disasters were, the must-haves, the nice-to-haves, the non-negotiables, any food allergies/dietary needs/mobility restrictions, and most of all how I can help make this trip special. Your answers will help me create a trip that checks all the boxes for your ideal vacation. Following the consultation, if you feel that we would be a good fit and would work well together we can start planning your next trip together!

My Professional Service Package includes
  • Researching and recommending up to 3 destination/resort/itinerary options including travel protection and/or travel insurance options.
  • Information so you can navigate the ever-changing rules for travel.
  • Information on current health and safety, including the latest COVID-19 rules and requirements.
  • Information regarding the entry and exit requirements for the destination(s), as well as passport and visa requirements.
  • The Terms & Conditions of the recommended tour operators/suppliers in the event you need to make changes/cancellations.

Please note: The Professional Service Package is payable after the complimentary 30 minute telephone consultation, zoom or in person consultation if you wish to proceed to work with me. The package does not include taxes and will be determined based on your province of residence (example: Alberta residents will pay GST but no PST). The Professional Service Package is 100% non-refundable as this is to compensate for my time, knowledge, expertise and research provided.

I am so confident you will love my program and will find it worth it! I am here to simplify your travel planning from beginning to end. I look forward to working with you.

Still like the idea of researching and booking your own travel online?
You can book directly on my website without paying for a professional service package.
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Once booked through my secure website, your confirmed booking will be emailed directly to me so that I can ensure you have all of the important details required for travel. 

Booked your travel online without using my website? 
You can still benefit from my professional knowledge and expertise.
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